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Full text of "Apple Manual: Vegas Gambler-IIGS Addendum"

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Vegas Gambler ™ 

By California Dreams™ 
Update for Apple® IIGS® version 

The Apple IIGS version of Vegas Gambler contains some 
variations not mentioned in the User's Manual. 

Copy Protection 

The copy protection question in the program will refer to the 

User's Manual. Therefore, it is very important that you do not 
lose your User's Manual. 

Saving Your Stake 
Since the Vegas Gambler program allows you to save your 
stake only to the program disk (the disk used to load Vegas 
Gambler), we strongly recommend that you make a copy of 
the original disk and use that copy for loading the game. You 
will then be able to save your stake to this copied disk. The 
program will not allow you to save your stake to any other 
formatted disk. 

List Feature (Blackjack) 

The Black Jack game offers a List option which will display 
the cards that have been used in play. This option can be 
useful for would-be card counters who want to keep track of 
the cards still in play. Please note that the numbers that are 
displayed refer to all suits and not just hearts. 

Sound/Music Off Option 
The IIGS version allows you to toggle the music or sound for 
the game on or off by using the M or S key. To turn the music 
or sound off, press the M or S key respectively. To turn 
either the music or sound back on, press the appropriate key 
again. Please note that this option can only be invoked when 
the hand cursor is displayed on the screen. 

Apple Copyright Notice 

Apple Computer, Inc. makes no warranties, either express or implied, 
regarding the enclosed computer software package, its merchantability 
or its fitness for any particular purpose. The exclusion of implied 
warranties is not permitted by some states. The above exclusion may 
not apply to you. This warranty provides you with specific legal 
rights. There may be other rights that you may have which vary from 
state to state. 

APPLE IIGS SYSTEM DISK are copyrighted programs of Apple 
Computer, Inc. licenced to Logical Design Works, Inc. to distribute for 
use only in combination with Vegas Gambler. Apple Software shall not 
be copied onto another diskette (except for archive purposes) or into 
memory unless as part of the execution of Vegas Gambler. When Vegas 
Gambler has completed execution, Apple Software shall not be used by 
any other program. 

Vegas Gambler and California Dreams are trademarks of Logical Design 
Works, Inc. 

Apple and IIGS are registered trademarks of Apple Computer, * Inc. 

©1988 Logical Design Works, Inc. 
©1983-1987 Apple Computer, Inc. 
All Rights Reserved.